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The Allies had discovered that a new country was formed; a tiny island between North America and Europe. They wanted to be the first to explore the new island, hoping to have a new little brother or sister. They finally made it to the island and got off the boat they used for the long trip.

“Okay everybody listen up!” America shouted, standing on a large boulder to tower over everybody.

“We finally reached this island and I say that we should split up and explore it!” he shouted again.

“Actually, I think it would be best if we stick together. We don’t know anything about this island, aru.” China suggested.

“I think China has a point. We shall all stick together, da?” Russia said, placing his hand on China’s shoulder, making him freak out.

“Alright then it’s settled then. Where should we start searching?” Britain said.

“Don’t ignore me!!” America whined out of nowhere.

“America, please just this time could you try to act mature?” Britain asked snobbingly.
“Well I’m more mature than you! So I win! Ha ha ha!!” America said.

“Why you little-! I’m more mature than you!” Britain grumbled.

The two men started shouted at each other about who was more mature. It ended up in a fight while the rest of the allies just watched.

“Western nations are so immature.” China sighed and shook his head.

Russia just smiled and watched.

“Seriously you two, this is not the time for fighting! Did you not realize that there might be a little country out here all by their self?” France said.

The two countries stopped their fighting. “Huh…frog face actually made a good point.”

“Right! Okay then I’ll be the leader so everybody just follow me!” America said.

“Wait, why do you get to be the leader?” Britain said.

“Because I’m the HERO!”  America said striking his hero pose.

“Whatever can we get started already, aru?” China said.

“Alright let’s go team Allies!”  America shouted, making the other countries roll their eyes.

They all headed into the forest and were shocked at the beauty of the nature of the island. There were so many colorful plants and many fresh greens.

“This is beautiful!” France said.

“I’ve never seen a forest like this before, aru.” China said.

“Yes this is truly incredible!” Britain said.

“Totally dudes!” America said.

“I prefer snow, but it is nice da.” Russia said.

They finally made it to the other side of the island, since it was a small land it didn’t take very long. They all sat in the sand in the shade.

“I’m beginning to think that there is no one here.” France said.

“There has to be someone here!”  Britain said.

“Yes this island is full of life, it is hard to believe that no one lives here, aru.” China said.

“Okay, we’ll just have to keep looking.” America said.

“Everyone, I think I hear something.” Russia said.

Everyone became silent to try to hear what Russia was saying. Their eyes widened when they heard a faint sound nearby.

“Over there!” Britain said pointing that direction.

“Well what are we waiting for?”  America said.

They all stood up from the sand and headed into the direction where they heard the mysterious noise. When they heard it again, but louder, they all looked at each other confused.

“Did you guys here that too?” America asked worried.

They all nodded and continued to search for the source of the noise. When they found it they all gasped; a tiny baby girl with (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes, wrapped in a thin (favorite color) blanket lying in a small basket.

“Holy crap, it’s a baby?” America said quietly.

“What is a tiny baby doing out here?” France said.

“What if she is the country, aru? “ China said, looking at the baby.

Britain bent down and picked up the young girl, “I’ve never seen a country this young before.”

“Let me see her.” China said.

Britain handed the baby over to China and he carefully held the small girl in his arms. He was memorized by her beautiful sparkling (e/c) eyes.

“She looks barley a few weeks old, aru.” China placed his hand on her small forehead, “she seems healthy though.”

The baby nation looked at his hand, confused and reached with her tiny chubby arm and grabbed China’s finger with her small hand and squeezed gently, making him giggle.

“Let me see her now.” France said, holding out his arms.

China rolled his eyes and handed her over to France. He held her gently in his arms and softly cradled her.

“Hello there little sweetheart, you are just adorable aren’t you.” He said soothingly, making her giggle.

“I wonder what her name is.” China said.

“I’ll just look on the map!” America said, pulling out a large map.

“Make sure you use the world map we gave you this time.” Britain said.

“I have it right here! Now let’s see…” he looked for the little island country on the map.

“Here it is! She is the country of (C/N)! What an awesome name!” America said rolling up the map.

“So you are little (C/N). What a beautiful name you have dear.” France said looking down at the little country who just sneezed in response making a chorus of “Aww…’s” fill the atmosphere.

“I don’t mean to ruin the moment, but we need to discuss who will become her brother.” Britain said.

“How about we discuss that when we arrive back at Headquarters?” France said, still holding (C/N) close.

“Alright, bloody git. Let me hold her again.” Britain said.

France handed her over to Britain. Memories came back when he first held America when he was younger. (C/N) giggled cutely and tried to grab his bushy eyebrows, making him chuckle.

“Dude, it’s my turn to hold her!” America said, appearing next to Britain.

“Alright, but please be gentle and don’t drop her.” Britain said worried, and gave America the young girl.

It was a little awkward for him, he was trying to hold her the way the others did, but she kept squirming slightly. He became stiff, afraid she would squirm too much and he would drop her. The others made it look so easy.

China came up next to the young American.

“Don’t be so stiff, aru. If you are calm, she’ll be calm too.” China advised.

America nodded and tried to relax and gently cradled her like France did, and it work! She quickly calmed down and rested her head on his chest. He smiled and softly poked her cheek, making her giggle and clutch his finger.

“She’s so cute.” He said, gently wiggling his finger in her delicate grasp.

“Aiya she is, aru.” China said, and tickled her feet which made her outburst in giggles and wiggled her small toes, making China and America squeal.

“Let me see the little sunflower, da.” Russia spoke up suddenly.

America looked at Russia and down at (C/N), fearful for her safety and nervously handed her over to the Russian. He held the tiny nation in his arms and she looked up at Russia with a confused look on her face, and then started giggling.

“What’s so funny, little one?” Russia asked, smiling at the young nation.

Suddenly, little (c/n) yawned adorably, making Russia chuckle.

“Is the little sunflower sleepy?” Russia asked.

(c/n) eyes slowly shut and she quickly fell asleep in Russia’s arms.

“Well we should probably head back now while it’s still light out.”  Britain said.

Everybody agreed and headed back to the boat. (c/n) was still fast asleep in Russia’s arms.

“It’s my turn to hold her, aru.” China said.

Russia smiled and handed (c/n) to China. He was careful not to wake her while holding her protectively. China smiled when (c/n) yawned again and snuggled into his shirt.

When they finally arrived back at the Allies Headquarters the argument of who will take little (c/n) began.

“The little dudette will live with me!” America shouted.

“You don’t know how to raise a child!” Britain yelled.

“The black sheep of Europe is right, so she will live with me.” France said.

“I’ve raised island countries before, so it will be best if I take her, aru.” China said.

“The little sunflower will live with Russia, da…” Russia said, an unnerving aura surrounding him.

The argument went on and on until they heard a high pitch cry nearby. They gasped when they saw (c/n) crying with tear streaks on her face. France was the first to step up and picked up the crying infant and cradled her until she calmed down.

“Okay well it looks like arguing is not going to solve anything.” Britain said.

“Why can’t we just let (c/n) choose?” America said.

“We can’t let her choose, she’s too young!” Britain said.

“So? You guys let me choose.” America said to Britain and France.

“Oui, I think it is best if we let (c/n) choose for herself.” France said looking down at her.

“I guess it is for the best.” Britain sighed.

“Alright then, I will put her down and whoever she crawls to will be her big brother. Everyone agree?” France said.

Everyone nodded. France set (c/n) down on the carpet and she sat there looking confused as they waited for her to start crawling to them. They all had desperate looks in their eyes, each of them hoping that she would pick them.

They all gasped when she started to crawl towards…
who do you want to be your big brother?
I will write different ending for all members of the allies!

:bulletgreen: Canada:




:bulletred:China: In progress!

:bulletred: England: In progress!

I do not own Hetalia
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