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This is an optional sequel! if you were happy with the original ending then you don't have to read the sequel. Please no flams.

You laid on your bed staring at the ceiling, mulling Alfred’s words in your mind. You finally stood up to him, but you didn’t feel like you thought it was going to feel. If anything you felt more alone than ever. You felt empty inside. Maybe you should have given him a chance? You began to argue with yourself in your head.

‘No! He had his chance, and killed it!’

‘Everyone deserves a second chance.’

‘How can I trust him after what he did?’

‘Alfred is the type of guy who learns from his mistakes.’

You sighed, not wanting to deal with this, and pulled the covers over you.

The next day you really didn’t want to go to school, but you did anyway. Things were pretty much the same. A few pushes here and there, and a couple name callings, but nothing too severe. That was until you saw Gilbert and Mathias moving towards you with sadistic smirks. You tried to ignore them and walk past them, but Gilbert shoved you against the lockers.

“Hallo there, unawesome frau.” He sneered.

“Leave me alone you idiots!” you said threateningly.

They chuckled at your reaction, and Mathias gripped your shirt collar.

“Looks like the girl has grown a spirit.” He said.

“Well it seems like we have to put the frau in her place, wont we?” Gilbert snickered while cracking his knuckles, that annoying laugh of his making you slightly wince.

“Hold her still.” Gilbert ordered Mathias.

Mathias gripped you tighter, and Gilbert lifted his fist ready punch you. You closed your eyes waiting for the pain, but I never came.


You opened your eyes and gasped at what you saw.
Alfred had yanked Gilbert away from you and threw him on the floor, harshly. He gripped the whited haired boy’s shirts and shoved him against the lockers, looking like he was ready to kill Gilbert.

“If you ever bother (y/n) again, if you so much as look at her, I swear after I’m done with you, you’ll be in the hospital for weeks! Got it?!”

By now there was a crowed of students who had shocked looks on their faces.

“And that goes for all of you!” Alfred shouted at the stunned students watching the scene.

“Ja ja! I won’t bother her anymore, I swear!” Gilbert said, truly frightened of his old friend.

Alfred let go of Gilbert, and the Prussian sprinted away in a mad panic along with Mathias. You didn’t know what to do. You were about to say something, but Alfred had already walked off.

After that day, no one bothered you. Everyone was afraid to even look at you, fearing Alfred would deal with them. Alfred was defiantly different, but not in good way. You saw the way he looked every day at school. He always looked angry, but when you would catch his gaze he would look at you like an abandoned puppy. You couldn’t stand to see him like this.

It had been almost a month, and nothing has gotten better. You couldn’t keep ignoring him like this; you knew you had to talk to him. You weren’t scared of him anymore.

After class you went to try to find him. You spotted him at his locker, a gloomy aura surrounding him.

“A-Alfred.” You shuddered.

He looked at you, a little surprised that you were talking to him. He had dark circles under his eyes.

“Can we talk, please?” you asked.

He nodded and walked outside, and you followed. Class was in session so you two were alone. He sat on a bench and you joined him, he wasn’t looking at you.

“What did you want to talk about, (y/n)?” his voice was dead.

“I’m worried about you.” you said.

He looked at you, “I’m just doing what you said, we should move on with our lives and part ways…”

“I…I think I was wrong.” You said.

He looked at you confused.

“I mean I thought that if we parted that I would finally feel better, but I just ended up hurting you, like you hurt me.”

He slightly cringed at your words, the guilt seen in his eyes.

“I think we are both broken, Alfred. And ignoring each other obviously hasn’t helped us.”

“What are you saying, (y/n)?” Alfred said softly.

“We need to help each other, to heal both of us.” You said closing your eyes, a tear sliding down your cheek.

You felt a thumb wipe away your tear. You opened your eyes and saw that Alfred was crying too, but was smiling warmly.

“I agree (y/n).” he whispered.

“But it’s going to take some time, Alfred.” You said, grasping his hand gently.

“I know, but we’ll make it. I know it.” He said sincerely.

“(y/n)?” he asked.


“Can I h-hug you, please.” He asked a tint of fear in his voice.

“Yes.” You breathed.

There it was. One of those bear hugs you missed for so many years. You hesitantly wrapped your arms around Alfred and he buried his face in your neck. He was crying again and so were you.

“I missed you so much, (y/n).” he said in between sobs.

“I missed you too, Alfred.” You said wiping your tears away, only to be replaced by more.

You stayed in each other’s arms for what felt like hours. Only to be interrupted by the school bell. You both pulled away slowly. You sniffed and rubbed your eyes.

“I guess we should go to class.” Alfred said.

You looked back at the school and shook your head, “No.”

“What?” he said confused.

You looked back at him and smiled, “We should get out of here.”

“Wait, what?” he asked.

“I said we should leave.” You said.

“And go where?” he chuckled.

“I don’t know, anywhere but here.” You said.

He thought hard for a second then his eyes light up and grasped your hand.

“Come on, dudette!” he said, excitedly.

You were pulled up on your feet by him and he pulled you towards his car.

“Where are we going?” you asked.

“Where we belong.” He said.

He ended up taking you to the old burger joint you two used to go to all the time. You smiled at the old memories that were coming back. He took your hand and led you to a nearby booth. Honestly, it felt a bit awkward, but it also felt right.

“So what happens now?” you asked Alfred who was stuffing his face with French fries.

He took a minute to finally swallow and wipe his mouth with a napkin. He sighed and took your hand.

“Like you said, ‘it’s going to take some time’.  I mean we can’t just go along like nothing has happened, you know?” he said.

“Right, but do you honestly think it will ever be the same?” you asked.

“I don’t know (y/n), I wish I could say yes, but I don’t know.”  He said looking sad.

“But if we help each other, I really think it could work out in the end.” You said.

“You really think so, (y/n)?” he said, his blue eyes glistening with hopefulness.

“Of course I do. Now finish your damn cheeseburger, we still have a video game to finish.” You said playfully punching his shoulder.

“Forget the food dude, let’s get out of here! Race ya dude!” he hollered.

You both sprinted out of the burger joint, racing to his car and headed off to Alfred’s house. You both spent the whole night playing video games, eating junk food, watching horror movies. For the first time in a long time, you felt truly happy to be with Alfred. You knew you would never forget what he did in the past, but you knew that you needed to be there for him. He needed you and you needed him, because you both were best friends, true friends that would never abandon each other again.
Okay so this sequel is optional, if you were happy with the first ending then you don't have to read this. I just got a lot of requests for a sequel so I tried my best. if you don't like it, oh well.
Enjoy! <--the first part!I am a dummy! 

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
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