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“(C/N)! Wake up! You’re late for training again.” Germany shouted, bursting through your door.

You groaned and buried your face deeper into your warm pillow, not wanting to get up.

“If you don’t get out of bed, I will make you run 15 extra laps.” He grumbled in frustration of the teenager.

“Okay fine, I’m getting up!” you shouted into your pillow.

Germany nodded and left your room.

You sat up and stretched your arms, yawning loudly. You pulled the blanket off your body and hopped out of your warm bed and headed to the bathroom to brush your teeth. You changed into your training outfit and put your hair into a ponytail. You looked at yourself in the mirror and headed outside to joined Germany, Japan, and Italy.

You were a new member and the youngest of the Axis. You were 18 but you hated how Germany treated you like a kid and always ignored you.

Training went on as it usually does. You finished your laps and routines, but Germany never paid attention and just continued to praise Japan or scold Italy.

When training was over, you and the other Axis members headed back to the house to relax for the day. Italy and Japan were busy in the kitchen making rice balls and pasta. You were sitting on the couch in the living room watching TV while Germany was sitting on the opposite side of the couch reading a book.

Even though you have been with the Axis for a while now, you still didn’t feel like you belonged here. You wish that Germany would treat you like a fellow member like Italy and Japan. You didn’t think he even liked you. You wished there was some way to get closer to him, but he never really gives you a chance. Then you thought of something that might help you build a bond; take an interest in something he likes.

“Hey, Germany? I was wondering if maybe you can teach me how to cook wurst.” You asked.

“Ja, maybe later.” He said apathetically, not taking his eyes away from his book.

“Oh, okay then.” You sighed and rested your head on your palm, hiding the pain in your eyes.

You didn’t know what else to do. Maybe this was a mistake, maybe you weren’t meant to be an Axis member. What was the point of being part of a group if you didn’t feel that you belonged with them? You felt more of a burden than a member. You wanted to know why he treats you like this. Was it because you are young or that you were a girl?

You sighed and got up from the couch and headed to your room. You had enough of this. You grabbed a backpack from under your bed and began packing things you needed to survive on your own. If Germany didn’t want you here, then fine. You would be okay on your own, you hoped.

You zipped up your bag, slipping it on your back. You opened the window and crawled out, closing it behind you. You jumped on the grass on your feet. You took one last look at the Axis household before heading into the nearby forest, wiping away a tear.


The Allies were hiding behind a bush, near the Axis house when America spotted (C/N).

“Holy crap, dudes I found an Axis member!” America whispered while looking through his binoculars.

“Really do see the rest of them?” Britain asked.

“Nope, all I see is the cute chick.” America said.
“Why would (C/N) be out here on her own, aru?” China asked.

“Let me see!” France took the binoculars from America.

“Ohonohon…hello new French territory.” France uttered pervertedly.

“Bloody git, why do you have to make everything weird?” Britain said.

“Let me take a look, da?” Russia said taking the binoculars from France.

“It seems that she is carrying her backpack, but is walking away from the Axis region.” Russia explained.

“Is it possible that she is running away, aru?” China said.

“Why would she do that?” Britain asked.

“Who cares? Now does anybody have any ideas?” America said.

“What if we split up and approach her until she is surrounded?” China suggested.

“I got it! We will split up and surround her so she can’t escape!” America announced.

“That is what I said, ass!” China pouted.

“Alright let’s go dudes!” America shouted.


“Italy, would go terr (C/N) and Germany that the food is ready?” Japan told Italy.

“Sì, I’ll go get them.” Italy said and went to the living room.

“Germany! (C/N)! Dinner is-…where is (C/N)?” Italy asked.

Germany looked at the empty space next to him and turned back to his book.

“I think she went to her room.” He said.

Italy nodded and went to your bedroom only to find that it was empty.

“(C/N)?” he called into the empty room.

“Hm…where did she go?” he asked himself.

He headed back to the kitchen where Germany and Japan were setting the table.

“Um…guys, (C/N) isn’t in her room. I can’t find her.” Italy said nervously.

“Vhat?! Italy are you sure she wasn’t there?” Germany asked worried.

“Yes, I also noticed that some of her clothes were gone.” Italy said.

“Oh no…what if she ran away?” Japan said.

“Why would she do that?” Germany asked.

“Well…um…Germany I-I hate to say it, but you have been acting like a jerk to her.” Italy said hesitantly.

“What are you talking about?” Germany asked, shocked at Italy’s comment.

“What Italy is trying to say is that we’ve noticed that you have ignoring her quite a lot.”  Japan said.

Germany paused to process what they were saying and sighed, rubbing his temple. Thinking about all the times he has brushed you off when you tried to join in something or to just talk to him. He really had no idea how lonely you really were.

“I had no idea…” Germany breathed.

“Well what should we do now? We have to find her; doesn’t she know the dangers out there?” Japan said.

“Oh yeah! I did see the Allies spying on us earlier” Italy added.

“WHAT!!” Both Germany and Japan shouted.

“Why didn’t you say anything?!” Germany roared at poor Italy.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Don’t hit me! White flag!” Italy begged, waving his white flag.

Germany groaned in frustration and grabbed his jacket and gun.

“Come on! We have to find her before those damn Allies get to her.” Germany said.

Japan grabbed his sword while Italy had his white flag and followed Germany outside.


“Oh my god, I’m so tired.” You complained to yourself.

You had to have been walking for hours (you’ve only been walking for half an hour). You cursed yourself for forgetting to bring any food or water.

Your eyes light up when you saw a pond nearby. You ran up to it and sat down, setting your backpack next to you. You scooped some water in your palms and eagerly drank it. A few minutes later when your thirst was satisfied you noticed it was starting to get dark.
You decided to sleep here for the night since you were near fresh water and the grass was soft enough to rest on.


Your head jerked up when you heard what sounded like someone stepping on a twig.  You looked around but didn’t see anything. Something wasn’t right. You felt like you were being watched.

You remembered what Germany taught, that you should always make sure that the perimeter was safe before you settle in it. You took out a knife you stored in your bag, just in case. You headed where you heard the sound and you saw footprints in the dirt. You knew you were defiantly not alone out here.

“Where did you see her?”

You heard a voice nearby. You looked up and saw Britain and America and you immediately ducked down behind a large boulder you were near.

‘Shit!’ you mentally cursed yourself.

“She was right here!” America said.

“Bloody hell, America! Not so loud.” Britain whispered.

You knew you had to get out of here quickly. You slowly and quietly began to sneak away from them, going the opposite direction. When you thought you far enough away from them you began to turn to walk away.

“There she is!” you heard one of them shouted.

“Damn it.” You cursed.

You began to sprint in a random direction away from them only to come face to face with Russia who was holding his iron pipe at the ready.

“Hello there, little sunflower.” He said with his usual creepy but adorable smile.

“You will be coming with us now, da.” He said approaching you.

“Never!” you said before you began to run away again.

‘Where the hell am I going?’ you thought as you continued to run into the forest.

You came to a halt when you ran into a large mountain like wall. The wall was too high to climb; you had to think of something fast.


You groaned in annoyance when you heard that laugh and turned to face France.

“It seems like you ran into a dead end, my new little French territory…” he said as he approached you.

When he was closed enough to you, you swiftly kicked France’s manhood. When he collapsed on the ground in pain, to took the opportunity to sprint away.

You beginning to feel tired from all the running, but you knew you couldn’t rest until you knew you were safe. The bag was really weighing you down so you dropped the bag behind, but kept your knife.

‘Maybe I lost them.’ You thought.


‘Uh oh…’ you thought.

You immediately ducked down just in time to avoid a round house kick from China, but fell in the process. You instantly stood up and ran like hell away from the skilled fighter. You knew you were no match for him. You yelped when you felt arms wrap around you.

“Gotcha!” America said proudly.

You tried to struggle away from the American, but his grip was too strong.

“Well done America.” Britain said.

Soon you were surrounded by the Allies and you knew you were dead.

“Let me go!” you said, trying to sound threatening.

“I can’t do that dudette.” America said, still holding on to you.

Britain started to approach you.

“Alright love, we’re not going hurt you, we just want information. Just tell us what you and the rest of the Axis are planning and we will let you go.” Britain said in his most friendly gentleman voice.

“Wait…I thought we were gonna-” America started, but got a death glare from Britain.

“Oh right…sure we’ll totally let you go, dudette. Just tell us what you’re planning.” America said, looking down at you.

You knew they were lying. There was no way that they will let you go free, but you weren’t going to rat out any information that the Axis trusted you with. Even though you left them, you were not going to betray them, even if cost you your freedom.

“No way I’m telling you anything! Now let go of me!” you began to struggle fiercer from the American’s grasped.

“Damn it!” America cursed, trying to restrain you.

“Shall I use my iron pipe, da?” Russia said, smiling.

“NO!” they shouted, including you.

“Aiya…” China sighed and approached you and America.

“Hold her still.” China said.

‘Oh god! What was he going to do?’ you thought, afraid.

China firmly held your chin and pressed his fingers on a certain pressure point on your neck.

“She’ll faint in 10 seconds.” You heard China say, his fingers pressing harder on your neck.

“Stop!” you cried, trying to squirm away.

“Sorry dudette, this is for your own good.” America said, holding you firmly.

You struggled to stay awake, but you started to feel heavy and your mind felt foggy.

“Close your eye, aru…” you heard China say before you passed out.


“Germany! Look what I found!” Italy shouted.

“Italy, stop playing with the squirrels.” Germany groaned.

“No, this…” he said.

Germany looked up and saw that Italy was holding what looked like (C/N)’s backpack.

“Italy where did you find that?” Germany asked.

“Right over there.” Italy pointed in the general direction.

“Well done, Italy.” Germany said before headed over there where Japan joined him.

“Germany look.” Japan gestured to the dirt.

“They look like footprints.” Germany said crouching to inspect it.

“Hai, and it seems like there was more than one person here.” Japan informed.

Germany immediately recognized the petite foot prints followed by a few larger men like prints.

“These are her’s all right. And it looks like she put up a fight, and then they just disappeared.” Germany sighed.

“Those damn Allies have her! I swear if they hurt her I will-”

“Please Mr. Germany! In order to save her we have to keep a level head.” Japan said.

“Your right, Japan. We better hurry, Italy!”

“Coming!” Italy dropped the cute squirrel and followed Germany and Japan.

You woke up with a cold shiver hitting your body. You instantly sat up and saw that you were in a small dark prison cell and lying on a small cot. You had a thin blanket that didn’t help with the coldness of the room.

“I’m such an idiot.” You said to yourself, burying your face in your hands.

‘If I hadn’t been such a brat and didn’t run away I wouldn’t a prisoner here.’ You thought.

You weren’t really the one to cry your eyes out, but you couldn’t help but let out quiet sobs of despair. All you could think about wanting to go home and be with Italy, Japan, and Germany. Even if he doesn’t like you, it’s better than being trapped here for god knows how long.

‘Come on (C/N)! Stay strong!’ you told yourself.

You had to stop whining and think of a plan out of here. You got out of the bed and looked around for any possible weapons you could use. That was when you felt something sharp poking your side.

You reached down and found your knife that you hide away in your pocket. The Allies never saw it. You sighed in relief until you heard footsteps coming to your cell.

You hurried and got back into your bed and pretended to be asleep, hiding the knife in your grasped under the pillow. You heard your cell door unlock and open and the sound of the footsteps coming closer. When you felt a pair of hands grab your shoulder, you swiftly swerved your arms holding the knife and slashing his cheek.

“BLOODY HELL! You little twit!” Britain yelped holding his wounded face.

You took the opportunity and ran past him and down the hall, looking for some sight of an exit. You really had no idea where you were going, but stopped dead in your tracks when you saw China, France and America coming after you.

“Shit!” you cursed.

You ran the other direction and down a different hallway, the sounds of cursing and threats following behind you, and then…


You fell to the ground in agony from the metal pipe hitting you in the head hard. It hurt like hell; you were sure you going to have brain damage.

The pain was so unbearable. You couldn’t think straight even when the Allies finally caught up to you.

“Why you little brat!” Britain snapped, coming up to you but was stopped by America.

“Dude, calm down, she was just scared.” America said, then went over to you.

“Come on babe, get up.” America said.

“I-I can’t.” You groaned in pain, holding your head.

“Russia you didn’t need to hit her that hard, aru.” China said.

“Don’t worry, the hero always carries the damsel in distress.” America said, lifting you in his arms.

“Whatever…” you groaned before passing out again.

“Oh! Let me carry her next!” France whined.

“AHAHAH, no.” America said.

They were about to take you back to your cell when they heard a loud crashing sound nearby. The door burst open and there were the Axis looking fiercer than ever.

“Let. Her. Go!” Germany shouted, pointing his gun at them.

“AHAH! China, I choose you!” America shouted, still holding you.

“Ai-ya!” China shouted before running over to attack Germany and Japan.

While they were busy fighting, Italy quietly sneaked over to America. He used all his anger and energy and knocked the American over the head. He fell over and Italy caught (C/N) before she was dropped.

“I did it!” the Italian cried out proudly.

“Germany, Italy has (C/N).” Japan said.

“Good, let’s get out of here!” Germany said before blocking a kick from China, and punching him in the stomach.


When the Axis finally got home, Italy set (C/N) down on the couch. Japan came over and checked for any injuries. Japan saw your body shiver when he touched your head; he noticed the large bruise.

“How is she?” Italy asked, concerned.

“She must have been hit really hard, but other than that she is fine.” Japan said.

Germany looked down at the unconscious girl, feelings of anger and guilt overwhelmed him. If only you knew how much you meant to him. He didn’t know what he would do if he lost you. He sat down next to you and held your hand.

Italy walked in holding an icepack and handed it to Germany. Japan and Italy left him alone with you, and he gently pressed the icepack on your bruise and stroked your hair.

He stayed like that for some time until he noticed you were starting to wake up.
You slowly opened your eyes and saw Germany looking down at you with a worried yet comforted face.

“G-Germany?” you stuttered.

“Yes, liebe. Don’t worry, your home.” He said with a reassuring voice you never heard.

You tried sitting up, but you felt the pain insistently shoot through your head, making you hiss in pain.

“Careful, dear.” He said.

He handed you the icepack and you pressed it on your head. You looked down in shame; you didn’t know what to say to him.

“G-Germany…I’m sorry.” You choked on your words.

“What?” Germany asked confused.

“I just…I felt so angry and lonely,” you rubbed your teary eyes, “and I thought you didn’t like me so I left, and I’m sorry, that was selfish of me.”

What Germany did next was something you never thought he would do. He held your chin up and pressed his lips to yours gently. He pulled back and rested his forehead on yours.

“(C/N), don’t ever think that. I should be the one to apologize; it was wrong of me to ignore you like I did. You need to know that you are one of my best soldiers and I’m always proud of you, and…ich liebe dich."

He pressed his lips on yours again, and you placed your arms around his neck and pulled him closer. The kiss became more passionate, until he pulled away again.

“Um… (C/N)?” He asked looked shy all of a sudden.

“Yes?” you asked looking at him.

“Will you…um…w-will you be mien girlfriend?” he asked looking down.

You wanted so bad to chuckle at how cute he was being, but you pulled him in another kiss which he gladly returned.

“Of course I will!” you said beaming with happiness.

He smiled and hugged you, kissing your neck.

“I love you so much…” he whispered.

“I love you too.” You said resting your head on chest.

That night was the happiest night of your life. You both stayed up all night talking and sharing kisses as if you have been a couple for years. You feel asleep in his arms, and Germany carried you to his bedroom. He rested you on the bed and he crawled next to you and turned off the lamp.

You unconsciously curled up next to Germany, rest your head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed your forehead.

“Goodnight, mien liebe.” He said before falling asleep with you in his embrace.

The end.
I'm finally done:iconimdeadplz:
I hope you enjoy though!:heart:


I do not own the picture!
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
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